Make the most of Noobe and its variety of features. As well, you’ll have access to content that you can use to personalise for free. If you’re looking for a more in-depth Noobe experience, go to Noobe Plus or Noobe Premium to get the most out of the platform, granting you access to full management and control of your learning. Get in touch for more information!

Noobe Basic

If you would like to discover Noobe and understand how to implement the platform in your institution.

Unlimited free access 

  • Create learning experiences.
  • Design and manage your students’ learning.
  • Free content and resources.
  • Have the possibility of carrying out real formative assessments.

Noobe Premium

Have full access to Noobe’s expertise. Each institution will have a tailor-made project to ensure personalised installation. 

You set the limits.

  • Define your own learning objectives.
  • Link your objectives to key and specific competences via the LOMLOE (A Spanish Educational Law).
  • Access reports with your students’ results.
  • Pedagogical guidance and personalised training.

Included with any of our OneScreen services.

  • Premium activities and templates.
  • Link your content to learning objectives.
  • The option of making your content private.
  • Create personalised mark schemes.
Create learning experiencesFreePlusPremium
Unlimited usexxx
Access to the Noobe cataloguexxx
Modify other teachers’ creationsxxx
View and link your creations to learning objectives  x
Define your own learning objectives (school projects, extra-curricular, Sustainable Development Objectives, etc.)  x
Link your creations to key and specific competences – LOMLOE xx
Share your creations with the Noobe Communityxxx
Make your content private xx
Design your content   
View and manage your content xx
Manage the stages of your content (pre-activity, activity, post-activity) xxx
Create an unlimited amount of activities from scratchxxx
Have access to our activity and template editor xxx
Make use of every type of activity on offer   x
Create using our templates as a base  x
Import your activities from Google Classroom xx
Personalise your activity’s assessmentxxx
Duplicate your activities  xx
Use tags and keyword descriptions in your activities  xx
Attach documents to your activitiesxxx
Attach an unlimited amount of documents   x
Privately share your activities xx
Print your activities  x
Download your learning maps in Word  xx
Download your learning Maps in XmindD  x
Manage your students’ learningFreePlusPremium
Create your teaching groupsxxx
Create unlimited teaching groups  x
Create and manage your student groupsxxx
Personalise learning paths for student groups and their sub-groups xx
Personalise learning paths for students   x
Track your students’ learning  x
Formative AssessmentFreePlusPremium
View your students’ assessments in table format xxx
Have access to formative dialogue with each student xxx
Modify the worth and criteria of your assessments  xx
Create personalised mark schemes  xx
Leave comments on your students’ assessments xxx
Attach documents as a form of feedback  xx
Upload videos and record voice notes  x
Receive hand-ins and extra work from your students   x
Reports and gradesFreePlusPremium
Keep track of grades throughout their learning pathsxxx
View reports with the students’ grades xxx
Have access to EduScore (a Noobe algorithm that measures the quality of feedback from teacher to student)  x
Have access to the grades achieved according to the students’ objectives   x
Print the reports according to the objectives  x
Edit and personalise the students’ portfolios  x
Download grade reportsxxx
Print your reports including all the necessary details   x
Kick Off workshop for your teachersxxx
Customer service and support (via telephone and email)  xx
Get to know our Academic Center (online pedagogical support) xx
Have unlimited access to Academic Center’s services   x
Personalised training according to the teacher’s needs  x
Pedagogical support   x
Strategic support   x
Administration and managementFreePlusPremium
Have access to the main teacher dashboard xxx
View your most recent content and feedback xxx
Discover your student groups’ EduScore in the main dashboard   x
Manage the teachers from your institution in the institutional coordination dashboard  x
Adapt the functionality of the platform to meet your level (a simplified version, for example)xxx
Use the general filters for a better experience xx
Crea experiencias de aprendizajeFreePlusPremium
Crea de manera ilimitadaxxx
Accede al catálogo de Noobexxx
Adapta creaciones de otros docentesxxx
Visualiza y vincula tus creaciones a objetivos de aprendizaje xx
Define tus propios objetivos de aprendizaje (proyectos institucionales, no curriculares, ODS, etc.)  x
Vincula tus creaciones a competencias clave y específicas – LOMLOE xx
Comparte tus creaciones con la Comunidad Noobexxx
Haz privados tus contenidos  xx
Diseña tus contenidosFreePlusPremium
Visualiza y gestiona tu contenido xx
Gestiona las fases de tu contenidoxxx
Crea desde 0 actividades ilimitadas xxx
Accede a nuestro editor de actividades y plantillasxxx
Utiliza todos nuestros tipos de actividades  x
Crea desde todas nuestras plantillas  x
Importa tus actividades desde Google Classroom xx
Personaliza la evaluación de tus actividadesxxx
Duplica tus actividades xx
Utiliza etiquetas y descriptores en tus actividades xx
Incluye archivos adjuntos en tus actividadesxxx
Añade archivos adjuntos ilimitados  x
Comparte tus actividades de forma privada xx
Imprime tus actividades  x
Descarga tus mapas de aprendizaje en word xx
Descarga tus mapas de aprendizaje como Xmind  x
Gestiona el aprendizaje de tu alumnadoFreePlusPremium
Crea tus equipos docentesxxx
Crea equipos docentes ilimitados  x
Crea y gestiona tus grupos de alumnosxxx
Personaliza itinerarios para grupos y subgrupos de alumnos xx
Personaliza itinerarios para alumnos  x
Secuencia el aprendizaje de tu alumnado  x
Evaluación formativa FreePlusPremium
Visualiza la tabla de evaluación de tus grupos de alumnosxxx
Accede al diálogo formativo de cada estudiantexxx
Modifica los pesos y criterios de evaluación xx
Crea rúbricas personalizadas xx
Añade comentarios a la evaluación de tus alumnosxxx
Incluye archivos de respuesta como feedback xx
Incluye vídeos y audios de respuesta  x
Obtén entregas y evidencias del trabajo de tu alumnado  x
Informes y resultados FreePlusPremium
Obtén resultados de tus rutas de aprendizajexxx
Visualiza los informes de resultadosxxx
Accede al EduScore (Índice efectivo del aprendizaje)  x
Accede a los resultados por objetivos de tus estudiantes  x
Imprime los informes por objetivos  x
Edita y personaliza el portafolio de los estudiantes  x
Descarga informes de resultadosxxx
Imprime con detalle completo tus informes  x
Servicios FreePlusPremium
Kick Off inicial para tu equipoxxx
Atención al cliente y soporte directo (teléfono y email) xx
Conoce nuestro Academic Center (centro de acompañamiento online) xx
Accede de forma ilimitada a Academic Center  x
Formación personalizada al profesorado  x
Asesoramiento pedagógico   x
Acompañamiento estratégico  x
Administración y gestiónFreePlusPremium
Accede al tablero principal del docentexxx
Visualiza tus contenidos y feedback más recientexxx
Descubre el EduScore de tus grupos de alumnos en el tablero principal  x
Gestiona los docentes de tu Centro en el tablero de coordinación institucional  x
Adapta el lenguaje de la plataforma por niveles de innovaciónxxx
Utiliza los filtros generales para una mejor experiencia xx

OneScreen Noobe

Find all the features available in one place: touch, share, write and record with the easy-to-use smart screen. The integration of Noobe to OneScreen allows you to enjoy the full range of Noobe’s pedagogic tools that you have at your finger tips, all via the best smart screen available.


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